‘Unforgettable’ ordeal – Singh describes testing positive for COVID-19 and being isolated for 15 days

The Navua Hospital. Picture: FT FILE

“Unforgettable” was how Ajesh Singh described the experience of testing positive for COVID-19 and being isolated for 15 days.

The 52-year-old said his family was taken into isolation at the Navua Hospital in early May when a family member tested positive for the virus.

“I describe this phase of my life as unforgettable because I have gotten sick before but not like this, where I had to leave my house to get better,” he said.

Mr Singh said the COVID-19 symptoms paled in comparison to what his family went through when they were isolated for 15 days.

“We had to leave all our belongings, jobs and everything behind and go to a totally new place which was not easy.”

He said a family member showed symptoms and tested positive after she went to a health centre and was swabbed.

“After six days she was told she had tested positive.”

Mr Singh said health officials swabbed the remaining members of his household and they were told to pack enough clothes for 14 days.

“We were taken to the Navua Hospital and when my swab results came after three days, I had COVID-19.”

Mr Singh said he began to experience body aches after testing positive.

“My neck and other parts of the body were in pain, but they did not give us medication.

“Other family members also reported body ache.”

He said it felt like a big weight off his shoulders when he tested negative for the virus.

“After 10 days at the Navua Hospital, we stayed at the Novotel Lami for three days and when I got my negative results it was a big relief for me and my family.” Mr Singh said he completed 14 days of home quarantine on June 9 and was waiting for final clearance, so he could return to work.

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