Woman hardly earns enough

Sereana Koroi of Nawejikuma settlement in Nawaka selling cooked food and pies at the Nadi market. Picture: NAVNESH REDDY

Sereana Koroi, a food and savoury seller in Nadi, says of the 16 people who used to do the same business, 12 have closed down their stalls.

She said her biggest concern was how long she could continue.

“I also worry about those 12 stall owners because many of them are sole breadwinners in their families,” Ms Koroi said.

“While most of them are no longer operating, they come daily just to check whether or not the business has improved for
people like me.”

The Nawaka resident said getting everything sold by the end of the day was a real struggle.

“I come at 7am and sometimes stay until 8pm before everything is sold.”

Ms Koroi said her husband had been out of work since the lockdown started and she supported her family of five which included
two daughters and a son.

“Before this containment, I was able to make $20 profit a day, now I just earn enough to buy items to roll the next day.”

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